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Training in Chester

Dr Ryan Training Info

Dr Ryan Hamdy qualified from Manchester University in 1987 and has been a full time GP for the last 15 years. In 2010 Hamdy became a full time Cosmetic Doctor and is the Owner and Director of Renew Clinic in Cheshire. Dr Hamdy has been an Amedica trainer since 2021 with his training courses covering all the products in the range and all applications including periocular, hair and body as well as covering the use of Light Eyes.





Clinic Address:

Honeycomb South

Chester Business Park

Chester CH4 9QJ

Dr Ryan Hamdy

General Practitioner and

Cosmetic Doctor

All training is held at Dr Hamdy’s clinic in Chester. Please see below for upcoming training dates:

New training dates coming soon

Dr Hamdy's training includes: 

Light Eyes

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